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It’s difficult to convey how much an author loves the worlds he or she creates. Sometimes, it’s difficult to convince others that they may love it just as much. Here I want you to find the first chapter of my books so you can see if they’re worth your time. I think you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Immortal Fear

Silas Bishop is a Soldier with a checkered past. Except for a plucky hacker, everyone he knows thinks he’s dead. He only cares about one thing. Killing David Philips. Until his quest for revenge puts Silas himself in the crosshairs.

Their feud puts Silas at the center of an ancient conflict between gods. When a dark figure sets Silas on a quest, it could be what finally gets his revenge. Or he might just be a pawn. Unless a mysterious priest can save his soul.

Friendship might be Silas’ only chance at salvation as he is hounded by creatures and gods at every turn. It’s a race against time to connect the dots and stop the gods or face apocalypse on a cosmic scale.

Cloaked in Darkness

Rise of Order is a preview of my debut novella Cloaked in Darkness out on Amazon. The premiere chapter introduces the reader to The Matriarch: a winged, angel like creature sneaking into the city gates. What are her intentions and what will they do when they find her?

Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box is a story about a young girl looking for perfect solutions to an imperfect world. Ana finds herself inadvertently wishing for the loss of everything she loves in this retelling of the original fable. I hope you enjoy it.


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