Cloaked in Darkness

My debut novella, Cloaked in Darkness is out now on Amazon. Originally written as a serial fiction on Spiritual Voluntaryist, through some reflection and editing I’ve brought it to life in the Amazon store.

You can find the opening sample to the piece here, or by visiting the Amazon store page.

Back flap synopsis:

The last fifteen years have been full of change in the city of Kanton as the Children or Order have brought new law to the land. The old ways have been abandoned and peace reigns as poverty has been eliminated from the streets and children are safe in a warm bed.

Or so the official story goes.
A powerful daeva, known to most as simply The Matriarch, has concocted a plan to rescue the most vulnerable people under this oppressive regime: the orphans. Her plan relies on the cooperation of her old friend, Gallet, whose powerful affinity for the celestial gates within have kept her true power hidden from the Children of Order placing her in a prime location to exact the revenge she has wanted for so long.

Cloaked in Darkness is the first glimpse into the world of Ysillia and the global conflict spinning out of control between warring factions and the gods themselves.

This is the first of the Ysillia Chronicles; an epic which will be released in short issue-novellas like this one until they reach the conclusion of the first story arch. That will then be released as a Volume as well as in physical format.

Thank you as always for reading and taking this journey along with me.


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