Immortal Fear – The Urban Fantasy I’ve always wanted to write

Urban Fantasy, with living influence. I’ve been working on Immortal Fear for the better part of 4 years. Since I took my first teaching job really. The prologue’s motorcycle scene was the inspiration behind the story to begin with. I was driving home from a particularly rough day with middle school children, my nerves already frayed beyond belief, when a motorcyclist passed me in the fast lane easily pushing 100 mph while the rest of the congested traffic pushed on normal afternoon rush hour fashion. I just imagined, with a cringe, this guy swerving onto the gravel shoulder or hitting…

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The Water of Awakening – Fantasy Book Giveaway!

The Water of Awakening

I’m giving away 20 Copies of David V. Stewart’s newest high fantasy novel, The Water of awakening! Salvation lies beyond dreams… Newlywed Helga wants nothing more than a life of peace and bliss; instead she finds herself with a husband dying of an unknown illness and no way to save him. When a mysterious old volva comes to town offering a cure, Helga is forced to travel beyond all she knows to the boundaries of the prim, the border of reality, to barter with fay beings for a substance known only as the water of awakening. Helga soon finds that…

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Cover Reveal: Immortal Fear – Urban Fantasy

Immortal Fear Urban Fantasy

Immortal Fear: A New Urban Fantasy Novel I’m so hyped to be finally putting this out in the world.  Orina Kafe did this amazing cover artwork for me, I’m so happy to finally be sharing it with you all. You can find her here. Go show her some love. Are you ready for Silas Bishop? Death has a price tag and professionals like me don’t come cheap. When Sarah Philips went searching around the deep web for someone to assassinate her abusive husband in sunny San Diego, the only person she could find was me: Silas Bishop. The price tag was…

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