Immortal Fear Relaunch

Friends, readers, family:

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

The outcry of support for the initial launch of Immortal Fear has been amazing. This book has been my passion project, and with your help I’ve made it even better.

Sunday, I’m relaunching Immortal Fear Free on Amazon for one day only.

I know with your help I’ve created a great product, but before others can find and enjoy this labor of love, I need to get it into people’s hands to review. During this free promotion, I want to get it into the hands of five hundred people who love Fantasy and Urban Fantasy as much as I do. Now there’s a way you can support me with that goal.

Follow and support my thunderclap.

It’s a type of social media campaign that helps get people motivated to take action. In this case, to download Immortal Fear for Free on Sunday 11/19/2017. Many indie authors are using this service and this is my first attempt, so I wanted to start small. My goal is to get 100 supporters by Sunday as possible.

So again, I need your help.

Share this with your friends. On twitter, on Instagram, on facebook. Email your parents about it. Tell your neighbors. Anybody who loves ready: you’ve got a treat for them.

The exponential reach of social media is amazing if we work together. Follow the link below to pledge your support. It doesn’t cost a thing!

If you’ve already had a chance to read Immortal Fear and want to support me you can do that too! Show me some love on Amazon, with an honest review. Reviews are the lifeblood of anyone in the publishing business and yours would mean the world to me.

(It doesn’t need to be glowing. Think of helping your fellow consumers out by helping them figure out if this is something they’d like to buy).

Thank you so much for your support. If you haven’t already, join my email list for new books, projects, and updates.

I’ll see you in between the pages!

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