Cover Reveal: Immortal Fear – Urban Fantasy

Immortal Fear: A New Urban Fantasy Novel

I’m so hyped to be finally putting this out in the world. Immortal Fear Urban Fantasy

Orina Kafe did this amazing cover artwork for me, I’m so happy to finally be sharing it with you all. You can find her here. Go show her some love.

Are you ready for Silas Bishop?

Death has a price tag and professionals like me don’t come cheap.

When Sarah Philips went searching around the deep web for someone to assassinate her abusive husband in sunny San Diego, the only person she could find was me: Silas Bishop.

The price tag was incidental. This was purely about revenge.

You see, David Philips and I have a score to settle but just like our past he’s somehow one step ahead of me. I don’t have the luxury of calling for backup – I’m not in the SEAL teams anymore and everyone who could have helped me thinks I’m dead.

The job goes bad and the hunter becomes the hunted. Facing the inevitable, I come face to face with a one-eyed lunatic bent on making my life, and death, Hell. As it turns out, he and I have a common enemy and I don’t have much choice but to finish the job. The thing is, when our common enemy is plotting the apocalypse, revenge becomes a petty motivation.

The good news is I still have a chance at revenge – the bad news is all of humanity is balanced on a blade’s edge.

Maybe one day I will find redemption but, as it turns out, not even death can right my wrongs.

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