Personal Update: Mindset, Framing, & Surgery

I just spent the last 30 minutes looking through images of my surgery procedure to get a good thumbnail and ended up making myself sick instead.

Turns out I have a severely deviated septum. So much so that it blocks my entire right nostril. I’ve gone through my life with severe allergies and lots of upper respiratory problems so when I found out last December that I had this issue, and it could be corrected, I thought it was a great idea.

A deviated septum, for those of you not aware, is the part of your noes that runs between the nostrils… misaligned. It has been an odd couple months since I found out. First of all I felt incredibly vindicated for how sick I get due to congestion. Not only does the deviated septum block my right nostril, my left sinuses have become completely full of mucus that won’t drain; I’m assuming it is due to the left side being over worked as air can’t get into the right side. Second, little things that I always took for granted started to make sense to me. I never liked to use saline rinses because they always left me feeling clear on one side but congested on the other.

I realized that it effects how I sleep. I’m a very deep sleeper but I can really only fall asleep for the night laying on my side: if I lay on my back I snore, if I lay on my left side I feel congested and can’t breath, if I lay on my right side I feel fine and sleep like a baby.

This is a complicated way of saying that I’ve developed habits out of the nature of my nose. Even though the doctor has talked at length about the quality of life increase I should have to my ability to breath and shrug off the common cold like most people do, I have to wonder what it will really be like.

This is something I’ve lived with and adapted to.

I wonder how this will effect my exercise and my energy levels. I wonder if it will effect my sense of smell. Will it change the tone of my singing voice?

I think it’s all about Mindset and Framing the problem because I’ve got a lot of anxiety about the procedure as I think everyone has when they find themselves out of control of a situation. Yes under anesthesia I won’t have any control over what’s happening but I’ve had the control to make the decisions that bring me to the opportunity I have tomorrow: to increase my quality of life by allowing me to breath in ways that I didn’t think were possible. That’s exciting.

We talked about mindset and growth on Writers of the Dawn several a while back and this idea has reminded me of that.

Think about me tomorrow as I go under the knife, I really appreciate it. If you want to feel like your traveling into my wild imagination, you could also try checking out my novella, Cloaked in Darkness on Amazon. Or consider subscribing to my blog to get my newest posts and upcoming offers.

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