Cloaked in Darkness and Upcoming books to enjoy

The website is still active but there’s been a lot going on that has kept me from updating as regularly as planned.

First off – though it isn’t exactly a secret at this point: my debut novella Cloaked in Darkness was released Friday in the Amazon market place. You can find it here.

I want to thank everyone so much for the outpouring of support and feed back. It really means a lot to me. If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s a short read but a great introduction to the fascinating world of Ysillia. You can read the first few pages for free here on this website for free!

If you’re thirsty for more once you’ve finished Cloaked in Darkness you’ll be excited to hear that the second issue will be coming in November to the Amazon store. If you’re interested in supporting my writing and helping me get more exposure, rating and writing a short review for the book is the best way to do that. Baring that – share it with a friend who might enjoy it!

I’ve been spending what little downtime I have reading another authors story that I think you would enjoy.


Modern Science fiction has us believe that, somehow, humanity will no longer be beholden to the laws of relativity in the future – that traveling the vast distances between the stars is just like jumping on the freeway to meet grandma for dinner.

What if traveling from one star to the next meant that, by the time you returned, thousands of years had past and the ancestors of the people you left planet-side began to worship you as gods?

Prophet of the Godseed is a brilliant beginning to the complex universe ruled by the spacing clans who, though are just as human as you or I, have lived for millennia due to traveling the cosmos at near light-speed for their entire lives. The very notion that spending too much time planet-side limits the clan’s lifespan in comparison to the rival space faring clans. If this sounds at all interesting to you, check out on Amazon.

David V. Stewart and I conceptualized this world years ago and the heights that he has taken it to here make me excited for the future of what is sure to be a franchise standard in science fiction. There may even be a sneak peak of my own work at the end of the book!

You can check out more of David here or check out his first full length novel, Muramasa: Blood drinker.

Thanks for reading!

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